Azure & .NET Training

SeeSharpRun.NET has been at the forefront of both the development and delivery of some of the best Azure training in the market. The individual authors at SeeSharpRun.NET have been responsible for authoring individual Microsoft courses such as (but not limited to):

The authors at SeeSharpRun.NET are considered innovators in the industry and have led to substantial changes in the way the Azure training. The team was a key part of the effort to develop Microsoft Learning on GitHub and the team has developed hands-on workshop content that was delivered by product teams at conferences such as Build.

The team at SeeSharpRun.NET can develop and deliver custom training for your team on:

Azure Cosmos DB Consulting

The team at SeeSharpRun.NET has been one of the very first Microsoft partners to actively deliver consultation and training services for Azure Cosmos DB solutions. The team has been trusted by Microsoft to develop custom training (Cosmos Field Demos on GitHub), engineer hands-on experiences for premier conferences (CosmosDB Labs on GitHub) and train other partners on the platform (SQL Data Partners Podcast).

If you have any interest in using Azure Cosmos DB within your organization, the team at SeeSharpRun.NET can help education and enable your organization to sucess with the platform!

Don’t see your specific technology problem listed here? We have a long history of working on many services and projects around Azure and .NET since 2007. Contact Us as we may be able to help with your project!