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Mapping a Custom Domain to an Azure ARM (v2) Virtual Machine
April 11, 2016

Back when using Cloud Services, every Virtual Machine resided within a Cloud Service and the service stood as both a networking and security scope for Virtual Machines. You could easily assign a friendly name to a Cloud Service and see it used as your Fully-Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). For example, a Cloud Service named demoapp would be hosted at

Deploying A Full-Stack IoT Proof of Concept in Azure
April 07, 2016

I have traveled to a few user groups lately demonstrating a full-stack IoT solution that uses AngularJS, Azure Search and Chart.js for the front-end. The instructions below will help you set up a similar environment for your own team to use as you learn more about Event Hubs and Stream Analytics.

Deploying Sample Applications to an Azure Web App
August 03, 2015

When was the last time you saw a demo application at a conference or during a webcast that you want to try out? Many times you may see someone post a web application project to GitHub and invite you to download the source. While you could download the code and modify the project locally, what if you just needed to deploy the project and validate it? With Azure App Service’s continuous deployment feature, you can test out code from a variety of source control providers. Today we are going to focus on trying out code that’s available on public GitHub repos.

Implementing Multi-user Multi-touch Scenarios Using WPF in Windows 8 Desktop Apps
November 27, 2013

This blog post is from a series of articles that I authored for the Intel Developer Zone. Please visit the original article link for more information:

Porting a Flash Application to a Windows 8 Store App Using HTML and JavaScript
October 30, 2013

This blog post is from a series of articles that I authored for the Intel Developer Zone. Please visit the original article link for more information:

Recovering a Sysprepped VM in Hyper-V
October 10, 2013

I was working with a SharePoint 2010 VM and decided it would be a grand idea to sysprep the VM and then upload the VHD to Azure. That ended up not working out for me and when I tried to use the same VHD within Client Hyper-V (Windows 8.1)​.

Adding SyntaxHighlighter to a SharePoint 2013 master page
August 04, 2013

So I like to use my SharePoint blogging list because it provides a lot of convenience and allows me to simply publish my posts using Word. One thing I did miss was syntax highlighting support that came as a plugin with my previous blogging/CMS engines (BlogEngine.NET, DasBlog, umbraco, Orchard). What I wanted to do was to make the smallest modification possible to my SP master page to enable syntax highlighting.

Dude, Where’s My Content-Length?
July 28, 2013

You probably have heard me preach the gospel of Portable Class Libraries sometime within the last year. I have been doing MVVM development for a long time and PCLs give me the flexibility to put my VMs and Models/Data in a shared library so I can maximize my code re-use. I was officially converted when I was building a Windows Store application for sCoolTV. They wanted an application to run on the Windows 8 platform to play their instructional videos.

Dynamic CSS Grids in Windows Store HTML Apps
July 28, 2013

I have been working with Bootstrap a lot lately and realized that I really like the flexible grid system. I can easily use the 12-columns to make a 2-column or 3-column layout on my webpage that is flexible and responsive. Sure, this is simple to do with traditional CSS, but I like the abstraction and the flexibility to change my mind later and not have to modify my CSS definitions.

Leveraging Visual Studio 2012 for Node.js development
February 04, 2013

Lately I have been working through many good tutorials and books on Node.js. I have always wondered whether or not I could use Visual Studio as my development environment when developing for Node.js. I had a couple of things I wanted; First, I wanted to be able to use the syntax highlighting and formatting tools within Visual Studio. Second, I wanted to take advantage of the improved JavaScript Intellisense available in Visual Studio. Finally, I wanted to integrate the Run step in Visual Studio with the Node.js server.

Quickly Creating a Virtual Machine using Windows Azure Powershell
December 29, 2012

​I have recently been demoing Quick virtual machine build-up using Powershell and Windows Azure. My demos are based upon the excellent tutorial for the New-AzureQuickVM functionality described here ( I thought it would be useful to share the script of my demo and the slight modifications I have made to the tutorial if it will help anyone else out.

Dynamic Self-Hosting of a WCF Application in a WPF PRISM Module
July 09, 2012

Typically when developing an enterprise-class desktop application, a WCF service would be set up to separate the presentation tier from any tiers below it (i.e. Business Logic, Data Access). Self-hosting of a WCF service has always been an option, but many times we shy away from it because that would bring about tight coupling between our UI code and processing layers.